Unity AWAPON Update!! ver 0.4 (Redesigns,chooseable level, etc )

Thank you!

This game is a puzzle and Towerdefense.

WebGL gamesite is Here.

Evolution from 0.3 the following
- Renewal of design 

(quit the illustrations and photos, was the design of the 5-yen coin to reference) 
- Stage was changed to clear type
- It has been adjusted so that in turn makes it difficult from level 1.
- Level I put a selection screen
- Sound Added Screen effect has been added
- It was to play with touch screen for a smartphone

And it was built with Unity5.4! !
WebGL running in Chrome is now fairly quickly

How To Play
This game , the only match the character!
It is very easy??

(new: Select level scene)

(roma numeric game scene )

 (Title -> select ->game scene)

Playing please :)

(Released soon, android and iOS!)

see you soon.

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